The team at Trimtab Consultants is experienced in all NetSuite modules.  Add that to our excellent script writers and ecommerce designers, we offer our clients a complete solution for implementation, customization, training, launching and growing with NetSuite.

The Trimtab Team has over 50 years of combined NetSuite experience with over 100 implementations.  We were a NetSuite Partner for seven years until merging our Partnership with Big Bang ERP.  We have offices in Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Toronto.

We take great pride in our work, delivering on-time superior results at a cost-effective, affordable rate.


Arthur Jackson
Principal and Founder

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Arthur Jackson, founder of Trimtab Consultants LLC, got his start with NetSuite first as a customer in 2003. His client was looking for a solution to combine ACT 6 and Peachtree Accounting functions under one system. They needed multi-location capability for a national network of franchises. NetSuite was the solution.

He saw the future of SaaS, or Cloud Computing, and shifted his consulting exclusively to NetSuite implementations.  He comes to NetSuite consulting with over 25 years’ experience in business and marketing.  His experience working with a range of business types using NetSuite, combined with his previous business experience, makes his consulting unique among most NetSuite consultants.

NetSuite Certified ERP Consultant

Travis Buffington
Director of Technology

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Travis has over 10 years experience working with NetSuite as a JavaScript Programmer creating customizations that “they said it couldn’t be done”. Travis has the unique distinction of being the first “Triple Threat”, the first person to pass all of NetSuite’s Certifications for ERP Consultant, SuiteCloud Developer, and Administrator. Among many skills, he brings expertise in the management of information technology systems, connecting NetSuite to third-party software, and unique customizations and reports.

David Tokarz
Senior Consultant
Wholesale/Distribution & Light Manufacturing Expert

Before joining Trimtab Consultants, David gained invaluable experience as a warehouse manager and NetSuite administrator at three growing businesses.  He has experience working with NetSuite in three warehouses over 10 years plus his implementation and consulting experience with almost 100 clients provides valuable guidance to our clients.  Some clients have even asked that he reorganize their warehouse and fulfillment operations.

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Our Consultants

The team of Trimtab Consultants has over 60 years of collective NetSuite implementation, customization, and training experience.  With work in over 150 implementations and projects, we bring our new clients insights that can only be obtained from experience.  Several of our consultants are former NetSuite employees, CPAs, and/or certified in a variety of related applications.

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Trimtab owners Arthur Jackson and Travis Buffington with NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson

Trimtab Arthur Jackson and Travis Buffington with NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson

What is a Trimtab?

A large ship moving through the ocean has great momentum. Turning the rudder changes the direction of the ship but with great effort. Using a trimtab — a small flap on the trailing edge of the main rudder — creates a low pressure area next to the rudder allowing the main rudder to turn the ship with substantially less effort.

A Trimtab is a small lever on the rudder that helps turn the rudder. Your company is a ship, with the executive team as the rudder, and NetSuite is the Trimtab. NetSuite makes your business happen more efficiently.