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WalkMe Updates Technology Used for Trimtab’s NetSuite Training

Hi everyone! We’re excited to announce that the latest release of the WalkMe engagement platform is now available for new and existing users!  Get more information on WalkMe for NetSuite. The new version delivers a fresh, modern look and introduces numerous enhancements and new features including engagement optimization, contextual promotions, proactive guidance, and advanced cross-selling […]

Transforming NetSuite Training & Adoption with WalkMe and Trimtab Consultants

As the leading provider of WalkMe for NetSuite, our team has created a library of over 25 exclusive WalkMe flows taking a user through the typical tasks of a NetSuite user. Our alliance with WalkMe sets us apart from other Netsuite Consultants and NetSuite Trainers. Using NetSuite has never been easier. Our exclusive technology gets […]

Trimtab Consultants is the Leading Provider of WalkMe for NetSuite

Trimtab Consultants and WalkMe joined forces to make their technology available to NetSuite Users.  WalkMe has developed a training technology to assist users in learning software and guiding them step by step through each process. Trimtab is the first and leading provider of WalkMe for NetSuite. “When I first saw WalkMe, I knew this filled […]