Services Businesses Run Better on NetSuite

NetSuite SRP provides a comprehensive, end-to-end services resource planning (SRP) solution that supports an entire services business.  From customer relationship management (CRM) and professsional services automation (PSA), to accounting/enterprise resource planning (ERP), NetSuite SRP support the complete bid-to-bill life-cycle.

NetSuite SRP’s Professional Services Automaton solutions provides comprehensive project management, resource management, project costing, project accounting, and timesheet and expenses management solutions. NetSuite SRP quickly generates tangible results, including driving down bench time, increasing resource utilization, elevating on-time project delivery, improving invoicing accuracy, streamlining revenue recognition, reducing overhead, expediting billing cycles and increasing visibility into your services organization.

  • Resource management and forecasting for complete visibility into resource utilization.
  • Project costing, budgeting and profitability reporting for determining your true cost of doing business.
  • Sophisticated project accounting.
  • Powerful billing rules engine to support complex client billing.
  • Collaborative project management to proactively identify and resolve issues.
  • Simple and easy timesheet management, directly integrated with project management and billing.
  • Easy and flexible expense management to maximize accuracy and timelines.
  • Powerful, intuitive, configurable dashboards and reporting for personalized view of key metrics.

As a consultant, you constantly face the challenge of optimizing the alignment of your staff while profitably delivering projects on time. On top of this, your practice has many non-billable administrative tasks like resource management, invoicing and business planning. While important, these tasks equate to lost revenue or foregone personal time. With NetSuite, you can minimize administrative tasks for your consulting firm while gaining valuable insights to improve realization rates, project profitability and client satisfaction.

Take advantage of NetSuite’s special features like Project Management, Resource Management, Time Tracking, Expense Tracking, Reporting/Dashboards and Invoicing.

NetSuite SRP Datasheet
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