Trimtab Consultants provides a full bi-directional data integration between NetSuite and the IBM Marketing Cloud (Silverpop Engage).  The Integration allows NetSuite users to synchronize their company and contact data between NetSuite and the IBM Marketing Cloud (IMC).


  • Bidirectionally Sync Leads and Contacts between NetSuite and the IBM Marketing Cloud (IMC).
  • Sync related account information from NetSuite to the IMC
  • Sync custom fields from NetSuite to the IMC
  • Sync a Qualified Lead from the Scoring Model to NetSuite
  • Send Lead Alerts from the Scoring Model to NetSuite
  • Sync Qualified Leads from a the IBM Marketing CloudAutomated Program to NetSuite
  • Add Marketing and Behavioral Scores to the NetSuite Dashboards
  • NetSuite users can add a contact to an Automated Program from NetSuite
  • NetSuite users sends a the IMC email from a NetSuite contact
  • Bidirectional sync Opt-out between the IMC and NetSuitescribelogo
  • Delete a contact in NetSuite deletes the connecting contact in the IMC
  • Connected using the world-class Scribe Online integration platform
  • and more…..

Use Case Scenarios:

  • If you use a Behavior Scoring Model (and you should be), the contact’s Behavior Score will update on the NetSuite contact’s record so you can manage the contact’s engagement in the NetSuite CRM system.
  • Create a contact in NetSuite and sync it to the IMC.  The mapped fields create a corresponding contact in the IMC, including standard and custom fields.  You can then segment your data for targeted mailings.
  • A contact opts-out of an email in the IMC.  The integration will update the contact global subscription in NetSuite.
  • When two contacts or companies are merged in NetSuite, the sync will update those records in the IMC.
  • Use the Trimtab method to track lead score changes displaying on your NetSuite dashboard portal. Sales reps can use their My Leads filter portal and monitor any changes in activity/engagement of their prospects.
  • If you acquire a marketing list, load the names to the IMC first to not over-populate your NetSuite database with unqualified leads.  When the Contact Behavior Score reaches a certain level indicating they are actively engaged, sync that contact to create a new contact in NetSuite.  This way you are only adding engaged, active contacts into your NetSuite CRM for follow-up.


Integration Module: $4800/year

Setup and Configuration:  $2000-3000 depending on any needed customization.

Please contact us at for a demo, questions, and implementation scheduling.


Note:  Trimtab Consultants does not sell the IBM Marketing Cloud but we will connect you to the right person.  We offer the connector to synchronize data between NetSuite and the IBM Marketing Cloud.