NetSuite Sales

As a NetSuite Solution Partner, we provide a complete turnkey operation, from sales to go live.  We learn your business and match you with the product and modules that you want and need, and nothing more.  We are committed to working within your budget and time frame.

NetSuite Implementation

Our consultants learn about your business, your processes, and implement NetSuite to fill the gap between the company you have and the company you want.  Our focus is to have NetSuite work for you today and help you grow into the future. We are experts in setting up NetSuite.

NetSuite Customization and Integration

A standard implementation includes customizing pages, forms, views, dashboards, reports, searches, etc. within NetSuite.  NetSuite “out-of-the-box”, along with added modules, typically provides all the functions needed for most businesses.  Some Clients have more specific needs that require custom scripts so NetSuite can perform added functions as well as connect NetSuite to external applications.  Script examples include custom calculations, unique process flows, or adding functions not a part of the standard system.

NetSuite Training

Our training is tailored to specific roles and functions within your company.  Accounting personnel need different training than sales or fulfillment personnel, and executives, well, we all know they need “special” training.  We collaborate with executives on creating real-time performance metrics and custom reports.  “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

Our training empowers your employees to get the most out of NetSuite and speeds user adoption.

Optimize your Current NetSuite

Already a NetSuite User?  Many of our clients came to us because they felt they weren’t getting the most of their investment.  We review their setup, their processes, and make improvements.  Plus we help design Custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Custom Reports, Save Searches and Alerts, and offer additional training.

Trimtab Consultants’ Implementation Methodology