Not all business needs can be met by the configuration that NetSuite provides.  Sometimes new functionality must be created using traditional low level development techniques.  SuiteCloud lifts the hood of the NetSuite application and allows programmers to use their skills to create new capabilities.

SuiteCloud extends NetSuite beyond Software as a Service (SaaS) into Platform as a Service (PaaS).  SuiteCloud provides tools that allow IT departments to quickly build end to end business applications on top of the NS platform and tailor offerings to existing customers.  As a result, a growing and thriving ecosystem has been created where software developers are innovating new business solutions that complement the NetSuite platform.

NetSuite Scripting

Our programmers are experts in NetSuite and JavaScript, the language typically used in SuiteScripts.  During the Implementation Discovery Process we identify areas that are best achieved with scripting.  Sometime there is functionality special to a customer or industry that calls for the creation of a Suite App.

Some of Trimtab Consultants’ SuiteApps

Consolidated Invoicing:

A client generated over a hundred invoices for their customer in a week.  The customer wanted one Consolidated Invoice that listed each “sub-invoice”.  Our Consolidated Invoicing Suite App not only consolidates invoicing, it streamlines customer payments to pay all or some of the invoices on the Consolidate Invoice.

Inventory Demand Forecast:

Our custom inventory solution was built for a client who wanted to see inventory into the future based on current customer orders and vendor orders, factoring in inventory on hand, adjustments, and stock levels.  This is an ideal solution when orders and replenishment have several months lead time.  Customers see into the future what their stock levels will be based on current incoming and outgoing orders.

Offline Processing:

A client needed an Android App that works outside of internet connectivity.  The service person enters the data on the Android Tablet, and when they gain an internet connection, the order information is automatically sent to NetSuite as an unapproved Sales Order.  We extended the power of NetSuite off the Cloud.

Android and iPhone Apps

We have programmers to create your custom mobile app for tablets or smartphones (Android, IOS) and integrate the data with NetSuite.

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