Finding hot B2B sales leads is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Not anymore. The hot leads will start showing up on your NetSuite dashboard with our lead generation and marketing system.  Trimtab Consultants has partnered with these providers to get you the started with the best pricing and service.

The Trimtab Integrated Marketing System (TIMS) consist of four applications.  The foundation is NetSuite’s CRM capabilityTIMS-350w, either from the entry level NetSuite CRM+ or the full NetSuite Business System.  Both use the same CRM that integrates with these powerful tools:

Behavioral Marketing: Silverpop is a mass mailing program that tracks user’s behavior.  You will know which emails a contact opens, what links they clicked on, what products they silverpoplogoview, which pages they visit on your website and how many times. Give behaviors likes these a score so you can rank your contacts with a Lead Score based on engagement level and topic of interest. Then target your sales effort to the hot, engaged prospects.  Trimtab helped in the development of a bi-directional sync with NetSuite to keep records up-to-date and insert the Lead Score into NetSuite for follow-up.  More on Behavioral Marketing

Lead Generation:  Identify leads from your website in real time with Lead Forensics.  Know your anonymous website contact details like LeadForensicslogotheir business name, contact information, demographics, search behavior, and financial data.  Trimtab work with Lead Forensics to develop a Hot Sync button to create a site visitor as a Lead in NetSuite’s CRM.  More on Lead Identification with Lead Forensics.

Company Intelligence:  InsideView is a powerful business intelligence database that syncs company and contact data directly into insideviewlogoNetSuite’s CRM so you can target the right contacts at a prospect.  Then use the synchronization to Silverpop to manage a drip campaign and develop lead scoring.  Trimtab is developing an integration with LinkedIn to increase your business intelligence.

What’s Next?  You start with NetSuite or the entry level (lower cost) NetSuite CRM+ and we build your integrated system from there.  Trimtab Consultants guides you each step of the way and trains you how to leverage these tools.

When you put our system in place, the leads will start showing up on your NetSuite dashboard with metrics indicating their level of engagement. You set the course for nurturing and follow-up. Put your focus on those who are interested in you. Stop chasing cold leads.

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