Trimtab Consultants is the Leading Provider of WalkMe for NetSuite

Trimtab Consultants and WalkMe joined forces to make their technology available to NetSuite Users.  WalkMe has developed a training technology to assist users in learning software and guiding them step by step through each process.

Trimtab is the first and leading provider of WalkMe for NetSuite. “When I first saw WalkMe, I knew this filled a major gap in NetSuite training and adoption. We spent months in training and have developed a library of NetSuite process flows,” said Arthur Jackson, Trimtab Consultants Founder. “I see our WalkMe for NetSuite as a total breakthrough in learning and adopting NetSuite,” Jackson continued.

Our exclusive configuration of the WalkMe technology simplifies learning NetSuite by providing direct step-by-step guidance on demand. Users will easily learn and adopt NetSuite.  “Adoption is always a challenge when a company updates software, and with this tool that Trimtab provides, we will make change easy, or at least less painful,” said Jackson. “When people see this in use, they immediately ‘get it’,”continued Jackson.

Watch this video to see WalkMe in action while creating a simple Lead in NetSuite.

Trimtab Consultants is a Strategic Partner with WalkMe for NetSuite

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Trimtab is the leading provider of WalkMe for NetSuite
Trimtab is the leading provider of WalkMe for NetSuite