WalkMe is a technology that provides direct step by step instructions, in real time, on how a new user performs a task in NetSuite.  See a video demonstration here:  http://www.trimtabconsultants.com/walkme-netsuite.  Contact me if you want a live demo of WalkMe for NetSuite at arthur@trimtabconsultants.com.

WalkMe Benefits

  1. Shorter Training TimesWalkMeLogo
  2. Increase User adoption
  3. Better client satisfaction
  4. Automated Support – Reduce Errors & Interruptions
  5. Ensure Continuous Learning & Knowledge Retention
  6. No hassle for Partners, increase your client satisfaction

The Advanced WalkMe training technology is now affordable to NetSuite Users and Partners.  Trimtab Consultants has coordinated with WalkMe to make this technology effective and affordable to the NetSuite community.  We are passing our bulk purchase through to NetSuite Users and Partner.  The WalkMe base fee if purchased directly from WalkMe is $30,000+.  Trimtab makes WalkMe available to NetSuite Partners and Users at a significantly reduced cost.

WalkMe for NetSuite Fees

Base Price:  $8,000  for 9 months  (before Partner commission)
Renewals:  $3,000 for 6 months
  Up to 50 users.  Add $2000 for additional blocks of 50 users.
Custom WalkThrus:  $200-600 each
Customization of existing WalkThrus:  $150/hr.

Partner Program

  • Partner provides introduction to Trimtab for WalkMe for prospects and clients.
  • Partner is encouraged to join the demo and any discussions.
  • There is a 25% referral fee for the first term base price (after any discounts).  Commission does not include customizations.  Base price is $8000, which includes 20 standard WalkThrus listed below and 2 Custom WalkThrus.

Partner Protection

We understand the concern with sharing a prospect/client with another NetSuite Partner.  Our Partner Agreement with Partners includes a standard NDA plus an agreement for mutual non-solicitation of a Partner of Record and a mutual non-solicitation for employees.

Our Standard Library of WalkThrus include Creating a:

  1. Lead
  2. Prospect
  3. Customer
  4. Contact
  5. Vendor
  6. Item
  7. GL Account
  8. Shortcut
  9. Opportunity
  10. Quote
  11. Sales Order
  12. Fulfillment
  13. Invoice
  14. Accept Payment
  15. Bank Deposit
  16. Purchase Order
  17. Vendor Bill
  18. Pay Bills
  19. Inventory Adjustment
  20. Journal Entry

Please contact arthur@trimtabconsultants.com to schedule a demo for yourself or a prospect/client.