WalkMe Updates Technology Used for Trimtab’s NetSuite Training

Trimtab WalkMe NetSuite
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Hi everyone! We’re excited to announce that the latest release of the WalkMe engagement platform is now available for new and existing users!  Get more information on WalkMe for NetSuite.

The new version delivers a fresh, modern look and introduces numerous enhancements and new features including engagement optimization, contextual promotions, proactive guidance, and advanced cross-selling capabilities. With these new features, companies can rapidly and effectively create the call-to-actions needed to guide and engage their users, customers, partners and employees on any website or web-based software.

The newly released version includes some amazing contextual guidance and engagement features that help enterprises to eliminate online confusion, while at the same time increase efficiency and reduce costs. The platform guides, engages and drives users to action as they use software or websites.

See WalkMe in action creating a Lead in NetSuite

New and innovative new features include:

  • Proactive Guidance – WalkMe’s contextual guidance – in addition to being there to react to support requests – is also predictive and proactive. Through a series of predefined, easy-to-set rules, WalkMe is able to identify where a user is in the process and accurately initiate a guidance sequence called “Walk-Thru”. The Walk-Thru assists and leads the user step-by-step to successfully complete even the most complex processes. The WalkMe algorithm adapts and delivers the relevant guidance at each stage of the process.
  • Cross-Application – WalkMe’s process guidance works across any combination of web-based business applications. A Walk-Thru’s step-by-step instructions enable workers to seamlessly complete complex processes, which involve multiple platforms, without the need to leave the screen. Cross-application capability ensures process efficiency and accuracy in a complex environment.
  • Contextual Announcements – Using WalkMe’s contextualization engine, businesses can deliver timely and relevant announcement to specific customers. Whether a wishing someone a happy birthday or informing customers in Europe of a scheduled site maintenance during their afternoon hours. Contextual Announcement help you get the message across just in time and just in place.
  • Error Handling – Safe Start enables your users with flexibility to start a Walk-Thru from anywhere. This redirect can occur automatically, without prompting the user. Prompt your users before the redirect by turning the Prompt User Button on. Set a custom “Dead End” message that will inform the user that a Walk-Thru cannot be started from that page.
  • Multi-Environment Centralized Management – WalkMe provides one centralized place to manage Walk-Thrus that work in various complex environments. This includes HTML pages with multiple Domains, Frame Sets, iFrames, etc. WalkMe supports multiple environments to allow you to simulate the complete solution on your pre- production environments before it goes live to production. Allowing evolvement of your WalkMe services while customers are being engaged and guided by existing WalkMe services in production.
  • Flow Tracker – built in Quality Assurance to make sure guidance is achieved. This tool was developed specifically to help you monitor what happens in your flows by showing step by step activity of a flow, as well as goals reached and other details regarding your account. Use this to debug your flows and understand what is happening while your Walk-Thrus are playing.
  • Editor Tags – Our new Tags feature will help you organize items in the editor such as Walk-Thrus and Launchers into groups. Any item can be given multiple tags, and the list can then be filtered by selecting which tags to display. Tags are only visible in the editor and don’t affect what is published.
  • Feedback – Our Feedback feature allows you to create survey balloons with different question types. Surveys can appear at the end of your Walk-Thrus and results are tracked through Analytics. Surveys can be used to collect feedback from users, to take polls, or to quiz users on whether they now understand how to complete a certain action.
  • Multi Trigger – If there is than one link or button that the user could click to get to the same place, you can now have WalkMe advance to the next step using Multi Trigger.
  • Sonar – Waiting for Conditions, Goals, or AutoPlays can now be based on elements that are hovered or clicked.


WalkMe is available from Trimtab Consultants.  Request more information.