Business Transformation with Cloud ERP



Cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) are powerful forces to help organizations improve operations and achieve greater business agility. To make informed decisions and leverage your ERP investment, it is important to understand the impact of cloud computing and the role of professional services in this new world.

This white paper is part one of a series sponsored by NetSuite and written by Michael Krigsman, a well-known cloud and ERP thought leader. This first white paper discusses transforming your business using cloud-based ERP. The second explores the important role of professional services when implementing cloud ERP. And the third white paper offers suggestions to encourage ERP adoption, an important foundation to create business transformation that endures. These white papers present an independent view to help you understand ERPrelated professional services in the cloud.

Business Transformation

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) promises to help organizations improve efficiency and productivity across almost every department and business function. Great things happen to business processes when an entire organization shares a single system that always contains accurate, up-to-date information. By combining ERP with cloud computing, you can realize all these benefits more quickly while lowering IT infrastructure costs.

Although ERP is a mature software category, cloud software has significant differences compared with traditional, on-premise ERP. The ability to access information from anywhere, combined with lack of hardware infrastructure requirements, has important and positive implications when implementing cloud-based ERP.

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