Highlights of NetSuite 2016.2 Upgrade

By Travis Buffington
Trimtab Consultants
Director of Technology

As if we’re short of big news from NetSuite, it’s still that exciting time of the year for NetSuite users to see what’s coming in NetSuite’s semi-annual update in version 2016.2. For those of you who haven’t found the little portlet on your dashboard, be sure to check out when your update is coming, read up on the notes, and of course, plan your testing accordingly.

With 103 pages full of new features, below is a summary of the top features and updates in the new release.

1. SuiteScript 2.0 – It’s Growing and Getting More Exciting by the Day

If you haven’t heard yet, it’s time to get on board with SuiteScript 2.0. It’s the future, and NetSuite is definitely putting all of the effort in making it feature rich. The 2016.2 release has more SuiteScript enhancements related to it than I’ve noticed in the past few releases. The new sFTP feature will be is very useful. This has long been a gap in SuiteScript in being able to establish communication via FTP, allowing updating files to banks, 3PLs, and more.

If you work or use Restlets in your account, be sure to check out the concurrency governance changes that are coming. Previously, your restlet governance was tracked by user, and now it’s being tracked by account. This is important if you were using multiple users to get around the 25 concurrent threads limitation. Per the notes, this isn’t a firm limit, and you will be allowed through if capacity exists, but like anything, it’s best to plan for the limit.

Other notable (and pretty exciting for coders like myself) features coming 2016.2 related to SuiteScript 2.0 include a new caching module, support for scriptable cart, and several other smaller changes designed to smooth out the 2.0 platform. I know it’s tough 1.0 developers, but force yourself to get into the 2.0 framework and you won’t be disappointed!

2. CSV Imports for Inventory Adjustments

Small enhancement but a big impact. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard this request and thus built it as a customization. It’s great NetSuite is finally bringing this capability into the native feature set. This will enable adjusting in bulk from inventory counts or importing stock levels from a 3rd party warehouse or a vendor that is not integrated. Another bonus is that it is now available under the native CSV import menu.

3. Fulfillment Requests

A new feature/record available in 2016.2 is the Fulfillment Request. Think of it as a step between doing a sales order and starting a fulfillment. A fulfillment request is sent to a warehouse/location who can either accept or reject the request and continue the fulfillment operation. As mentioned in the release notes, retailers who do a lot of ship from store scenarios  will benefit from this. It also has big implications for those distribution companies who want tight control of what gets shipped out.

If you have some of the new advanced order management features with auto location assignment, you can really add some power to this by incorporating different logic throughout the request process to assign and update location assignment. It also allows you to keep the fulfillment request load even between different locations.

4. SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF)

This featured was demo’d at the past two SuiteWorlds, and it is now finally coming, in Beta, to a NetSuite near you in 2016.2. The SDF aims at modernizing the SuiteCloud development experience and building a more robust, approach. The SDF will facilitate things like team development, revision control, and change management. The SDF houses custom objects and metadata in XML decoupling the NetSuite account a bit from the development experience and allowing you to add version control in. Note: To completely take advantage of the SDF, you’ll need to use the 2016.2 version of the SuiteCloud IDE slated to be out Q3 of this year.

5. Quick Close Feature for Accounting Periods

This is another small, yet very useful feature for those in accounting and finance. In 2016.2, you’ll be able to implement a feature to allow you to do a one-step period close vs. going through each item on the checklist.

6. Transfer Order Enhancements

A couple of enhancements have been made to the transfer orders in the 2016.2 release related to stock replenish and movement across different locations. This highlights NetSuite’s continued commitment to omnichannel commerce and making the experience seamless across a large number of locations and channels. A new Replenish Location page allows stock managers to easily move stock from one location to another using inventory transfer orders based on current inventory levels, reorder points, and preferred stock levels. Similarly, a new bulk withdraw function allows retailers or distributors to pull certain SKUs in bulk and transfer.

Another key change is the ability to do partial fulfillments and receipts on Transfer Orders when the “Use Item Cost as Transfer Cost” is enabled. Previously, it was an all or nothing deal – what you entered was what you had to fulfill and receive. For those of you using intercompany transfer orders, you can also now use those in conjunction with this costing preference enabled.

7. Commitment Scheduling

New in 2016.2 is the ability to commit inventory to orders based on logic and scheduling. In the past, you could always commit and reallocate inventory manually using the Commit Orders page. Starting in 2016.2, you can now do this with a bit more elegance such as using a saved search to define which orders/items should be committed and having a commitment routine run regularly to commit inventory per your logic. Another added feature is that you will be able to reallocate inventory during the same process. This will be a useful option for companies whose order priority may change regularly based on their customer’s needs.


If you have any questions about the 2016.2 release – curious about what you could take advantage of or how it might affect your account – get in touch with us. Our goal is to help all of our clients get the most out of their NetSuite platform.

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