NetSuite for Manufacturing


Increase Profit – Grow Revenue, Build Better Products, Control Costs

While the economy is still a challenge, optimism among manufacturers has increased significantly in the past two years. Manufacturers are beginning to shift attention away from cost reduction to focus on investing to create new products and grow revenue from both new and existing customers.

In a recent survey, NetSuite found that over 75% of manufacturing companies expected their business to improve in the near term. Now, 60% are focused on revenue growth and cost savings as key objectives, and about 30% are focused primarily on revenue growth. NetSuite delivers robust functionality and a perfectly balanced combination of scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness to help manufacturers grow revenue, control costs, and provide customers better products and service.

NetSuite Manufacturing Edition is a complete solution for manufacturing resource planning, integrated inventory and dynamic replenishment, warehouse management, financial accounting and costing, customer and partner relationship management, and ecommerce. Now you can manage your entire business with one integrated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite, delivered on-demand over the Internet.

As a cloud-based application, NetSuite lowers TCO by eliminating costs for on-premise servers, license fees, and site-to-site IT support. Its open architecture enables easy system integration with your supply chain. It enhances mobile productivity. And it delivers rapid implementations, lower costs, and a quick ROI.

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