New Study: ERP Crucial in Business Goal Achievement

4(1)A new 2015 ERP Survey conducted by ITWeb and New Era solutions found that ERP solutions play a key role in achieving business goals. 33% of respondents say their ERP solution plays a 50-75% role in achieving their business goals. This means utilizing the best ERP solution for your business c0uld make or brake your business goals for this year.

Efficiency and productivity are key to profitable business processes; in the digital age, your business management software is at the center of these processes. Challenges with an outdated ERP system invariably spill over into your business processes, reducing efficiency and productivity.

The survey revealed the top three challenges for organizations’ current ERP system. These issues are all related to ERP solutions being on-premise as opposed to the cloud. All the challenges listed in the survey are easily solved by NetSuite. NetSuite is the #1 cloud-based system for finances, reporting, CRM, inventory and eCommerce. :

Too much reliance on vendors to make changes (44%)

NetSuite “plays well with others”, meaning that your data can integrate into an entire ecosystem of third party vendors. This means your not stuck waiting on your ERP provider to create a new feature set that addresses an organizational challenge. If you do needs outside functionality, it’s easily added on top of the NetSuite platform.

Difficulties in getting visibility of current data (33%)

Poor business intelligence visibility is one of the most common challenges for a growing business. NetSuite achieves full, real-time visibility into every aspect of your business from sales to inventory to accounting – from the back of house to the front.

Transactional or financial decisions cannot be done in real-time (32%)

Not only does your business data need to be visible, it needs to be current and up-to-date when your looking at it. NetSuite holds all your information in a single relational database which updates all affected records as your data changes. Accounting, sales, and inventory data all show in real-time.

Do you have issues like this with your current ERP system? Contact us for a demo and see how NetSuite can solve your business challenges in 2015.