The Sage Switch Guide


The revolution is here. The time is now. You have nothing to lose but your limitations.

Over 500 businesses have already switched from Sage to the NetSuite Business Cloud. They’re already realising the benefits freedom offers. Freedom from aging business systems. Freedom from fragmented reporting. Freedom from never-ending management costs.

Of course, the examples shown in this guide are just a fraction of the total – but their stories illustrate just what’s possible when you leave behind the old to embrace something new, something better. And more are joining them  every day.

These organisations have discovered what it means to use a truly integrated system – no more redundant data entry, no more wasted time, the ability to start anywhere. They’ve found that it’s possible to get a complete picture of what’s happening in their companies both quickly and easily. And they’ve done it all without the IT complexity they’ve come to hate.

It doesn’t end there. Far from simply being freed from the limitations that have held them back, they’ve also discovered capabilities they didn’t know were possible (or at least were impossible with Sage). And they’ve  done it all while reducing their total  cost of ownership by up to 59% (these aren’t our figures by the way,  they come from independent analysts, the Yankee Group).

There has never been a better time to move to a better solution. One that can not only help you manage your company more effectively but actually transform your business.

This guide highlights the eight warning signs we see in so many Sage customers. You’ll see how companies just like yours have faced the same problems you’re facing right now and not just survived, but thrived in a post-Sage world.

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