Turbo-Charge Finance for Growth with Cloud Financials




To discover how finance organizations are turbo-charging growth across the enterprise, NetSuite’s Ron Gill and Ben Kang engaged several senior finance executives from highgrowth companies in a series of discussions on the topic. As their companies gear up for growth, these finance leaders face the dilemma of how to lead aggressive growth initiatives without compromising profitability, customer relationships, and the speed and quality of execution. A lack of visibility across the enterprise impacts the ability of finance leaders to deliver on company growth initiatives that meet key strategic objectives.

Whether pursuing growth through acquisition, international expansion, or by launching new products and services, finance leaders are often forced to try to keep up with increasing demands while using systems that were never designed to accommodate changes quickly and affordably, and often dictate rather than support business practices.

These discussions highlighted how finance leaders leverage the latest in technology solutions to increase visibility and empower their companies to achieve sustainable business growth and productivity at a reasonable cost.

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